CalFix, a revolutionary advance in transition feed technology, designed to increase output and productivity.

As a dairy industry we are redefining the future of global milk production. Over the last 20 years milk yields per cow have increased significantly, demonstrating the success of dairy farmers to modernise, adapt to new technologies and ultimately improve herd efficiency.

During the next 20 years we can expect to see even greater gains in animal production through a combination of innovation, new technology, farm data management and good animal husbandry practices.

Now with revolutionary new research in transition feed management, Trouw Nutrition is proud to introduce the latest innovation in modern herd management – CalFix transition feed technology.

CalFix product overview

CalFix is a revolutionary feed technology designed to improve your herd’s productivity by overcoming the Calcium Deficiency Challenge.

Introduced as a dietetic feed, during the close-up transition period, CalFix conditions the cow’s natural metabolism to absorb significantly more calcium. This prepares the cow for the dramatic increase of calcium required at and after calving. This may help to restore positive energy balance, whilst reducing production challenges, including milk fever.

CalFix transition feed technology

  • Improves blood calcium levels at and after calving
  • Reduces the risk of clinical and subclinical milk fever
  • Encourages feed intake to accelerate milk production
  • Helps to restore energy balance