Transition feed technology

Having identified a clear industry need to improve on modern management techniques during the critical transition period, Trouw Nutrition invested significant resources into developing transition feed technologies. The first product brought into the market under this recent R&D focus is CalFix.

With the potential to revolutionise the industry approach to transition feed management and our ability to reduce the risk of milk fever, CalFix sets the scene for future gains in herd productivity.

Knowledge generated by research in this area will be shared by Trouw Nutrition throughout the industry. We encourage all farmers and professional advisors with an interest in dairy research and its practical application to ask questions and provide feedback on CalFix to our Global Ruminant Research Team in the contact section.

The transition period

Transition Period Graphic

Herd management using CalFix transition feed can:

  • Improve blood calcium levels at and after calving
  • Reduce the risk of clinical and subclinical milk fever
  • Encourage feed intake to accelerate milk production
  • Help to restore energy balance

CalFix provides a modern and innovative solution to the Calcium Deficiency Challenge

CalFix as a part of your herd's close-up diet – included at 2-3 kilogrammes per day for 3 weeks prior to calving – will help to set your cows up for an optimum lactation.

CalFix transition feed technology provides a modern, nutritional and highly palatable solution for professional dairy herd managers.

CalFix in the close-up period manages calcium availability CalFix as a key component of your herd’s close-up diet